19 July – 21 July 2019

Dear IGO Adventurers,

Welcome to The Talisker Whisky Coastal Challenge by IGO Adventures. We are delighted that you have decided to join us on this journey. It is going to be an incredible couple of days, so here’s some more information to help you get prepared.

Please make sure you complete the form at the bottom of the page. This is necessary to be able to participate. The team is here to make sure you have a fantastic time and complete the challenge with a smile on your face!

As with all adventures, we can’t account for every eventuality so please note that all timings are subject to change. Routes, distances, and disciplines may also be altered. The primary objective of the event is for the entire group to safely complete the two days on foot and in the water.

Welcome to a community of like-minded competitors & completers. We’re looking forward to being a part of your adventure.

They say half the battle is getting to the start line, so it’s downhill from here!

We hope you’re as excited as we are,

Bobby and the IGO team





Average High/ Low temp: 20/12°C
Average Daylights hours: 16.5 hrs
Chance of rain: 20%
Average Wind Speed: 11 mph

Date & Location

19 July – 21 July 2019
Martinhoe, Devon


020 8133 4673



Please ensure you have a large breakfast the morning of arrival. There will be a light lunch served (sandwiches & snacks) during the briefing but we advise to have your larger meal at breakfast.

  • We advise having your main luggage bag with everything you need for camp and then a smaller rucksack for carrying during the race. This should contain fluids and energy based snacks (e.g. banana/flapjack)
  • There is no safe for personal valuable items. Please ensure you have your own personal insurance in the event that something is damaged or lost.
  • Download an app called “OS Locate”. This will need to be used in order to pinpoint your exact location should you get lost or need assistance.
  • In case of transport delays or problems please call the IGO Team on +44 7949629146


Making your own way? Get in touch to know the meeting point at info@igoadventures.com.


Transfers provided from Barnstable Rail Station
Transfer leaves station 12:45
Transfer returns to station 13:00


The nearest airport is Exeter, however, as we are not providing transfers we would recommend taking the train.


The itinerary is subject to small changes depending on conditions



12:45 – Transfer collection from Barnstaple station
13:45 – Check in & registration open
14:00 – Refuel food (lunch & soft drinks)
14:30 – Briefing
16:00 – Fitness session by Be Military Fit
15:00 – Osteopath tent open for appointment
16:45 – Bushcraft
18:00 – Foraging walk
19:00 – Soulful supper & Talisker Whisky tasting
20:00 – Briefing
20:45 – Sleepy yoga & guided relaxation meditation
22:00 – Lights out



6:30 – Energizing sunlight stretch (optional)
7:00 – Campfire breakfast & coffee
8:30 – Challenge ready
8:45 – Kit checks
9:00 – Briefing
9:30 – BeMillitaryFit warm-up run to the water’s edge
10:00 – Challenge start
Afternoon chill, tunes & cheering in the team
Osteopath tent open for appointment
19:00 – Feasting & bar opens
20:00 – Prizegiving
20:00 – Foraged Talisker Whisky cocktails



7:30 – Coffee or Tea
8:00 – Osteopath tent open for appointment
9:00 – Morning warm down walk / wild swim/ yoga
10:00 – Goodbye brunch
11:30 – Short walk to transfer
12:00 – Transfer leaves camp for Barnstaple train station

Training Plan


Welcome IGO Challengers! We’ve put together these training programmes to help get you prepared for your IGO Challenge – whether you’re a Completer, or Competitor. We’re confident that following this training plan will put you in good stead for your upcoming challenge. This programme is designed to use minimal equipment, so it should be easy for you to implement with little prior training or limited access to gym equipment.



Be Military Fit (BMF) are the leaders in outdoor fitness.

With over 20 years of experience, they deliver 500 fitness classes per week across 120 venues in the UK. Visit www.bemilitaryfit.com




Devon has a maritime climate which experiences generally cool summers and mild winters, with a much smaller annual temperature range. Camp and the route are right on the coast and so winds can come off the Atlantic but are generally easy to forecast compared to inland mountain regions. Sea temperature will be around 15-18°C. Wetsuits supplied by IGO Adventures are for the purpose of keeping you warm. They are not swimming specific wetsuits.


IGO Adventures will supply you with a map of the local area including marking out Talisker Coastal Challenge route.

There will be clear but minimal signage on the trails so please make sure you feel confident navigating the route using a map. IGO Adventure team will be there to act as marshalls providing you support on the challenge as well as in camp.

Please ensure you bring a water vessel, snacks and personal nutrition for camp and for the challenge element of the weekend (e.g. energy gels, flapjacks, etc). There will be a refuel station on the route.


Everything on this list is recommended but please look out for the ** – these items are compulsory to be able to attend. We want you to be safe and savvy so please don’t miss anything off.

Please note that we try to leave behind a light footprint and reduce our waste where we can. We encourage conscious purchases and packing and we’re happy to help with suggestions should you need this.

Day pack** – small backpack (15-25 litres) to hold kit you need for the challenge day

Camp bag** (waterproof & 120 litres) – all items to fit

  • Trail running trainers or hiking boots**
  • Socks – quality walking socks to prevent blisters**
  • Hat, sunscreen & lip salve**
  • Water bottle for camp and Camelbak / water bottle (1.5ltr +) for the challenge on Saturday. **
  • Technical running / hiking / swimming wear**
  • Lightweight wind / rain proof jacket **
  • Personal race nutrition** (e.g. flapjacks, energy gels)
  • Coffee cup ** (re-fills are free :) )
  • Swimming goggles (** if swimming)
  • Sleeping bag (3 season)**
  • Basic toiletries
  • Sunglasses
  • Personal medication & vitamins
  • Body wipes (must be biodegradable)
  • Footwear for camp
  • PJs
  • Warm jumper
  • Down jacket
  • Beanie hat
  • Power bank & charger (although we praise a digital detox)
  • Camera
  • Towel
  • Painkillers
  • Antibacterial hand-gel
  • Vaseline
  • Aftersun
  • Yoga mat (if you’d like to join yoga)
  • Pillow (inflatable travel pillow ideal as takes less volume in travel bag)
  • Spork
  • Anti-chafe lubricant/chamois cream
  • Head torch

Any questions about the items you will need please don’t hesitate to call one of the IGO Team (+44 2081334673) who will be more than happy to help out and advise.

Participant Form and Waiver

Please use the email address you made the purchase with.