Adventures in the wilderness

Whether you’re a seasoned explorer, an urban gym-dweller with too-white trainers or simply want to get off the sofa more, IGO is about putting your mind and body to the test in stunning wilderness destinations. With delicious local food and camp experiences, IGO is for those who want to tear up routine, unplug and reconnect with nature.


What is IGO Adventures

Discover a better way to spend your time


Our adventures put your mind and body to the test through a physical challenge, but also put them at ease through our camp experiences.


Recharge in nature with locally-sourced food, stunning wild campsites and great company. Stretch out, watch the sunset and gain some much-needed perspective.


IGOs are for the competitors and the completers. Whether you’re going for a personal best or just aiming to get round, IGOs are about being in it together.

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