How it works


IGO Adventures has been taking people on extraordinary trips since 2014, and in that time we’ve helped people all over the world come together for experiences in true wilderness environments. For those that are new to IGO Adventures, we’ve put together this guide to explain what you should expect from your experience.


Whether it’s your first time in the outdoors or you’ve done countless expeditions, we’ve got a trip you will love. Each adventure is unique and has been carefully designed between our team of professional adventurers and the local guides in each country. Each one has been graded with an ‘adventure rating’ so you can have peace of mind that you won’t be out of your depth physically. We have a range of accommodation options from beach bivvy expedition tents to mountain huts and eco pods to handpicked small, locally owned, boutique hotels so you can be as comfortable as you like. The rest is all down to where you want to go!

Trip confirmation

We have a minimum and a maximum number of people on each trip, generally from 4-18; trip depending. This is to avoid over-tourism in protected areas and to make sure your experience is as good as it can be. We ask that you do not book flights until the trip has been ’green-lighted’ for departure or 90 days before a trip departure date, this is when the minimum number of people have booked and the trip is guaranteed to depart. In the case of a trip not departing, you will be offered an alternate date (usually a week or two from the original), a refund or have your choice of another trip.


We pride ourselves on having some of the world’s best adventure hosts. This group of people have been trained in the IGO way and have a large amount of exploration & expedition experience the world over. They have outdoor first aid qualifications and will add value to your experience through knowledge in skills such as bushcraft, yoga, wildlife or photography expertise. They probably have a world first in exploration under their belt and have a good story or two to share around a campfire. Your host is there to answer any questions, meet and greet at the local airport and ensure you have an incredible time.


There is always a little bit of admin to complete when going away, we try and make this as painless as possible and keep it to a few online forms. These will change depending on where you are going and what you will be doing, but it contains medical and emergency contact information, dietary requirements, experience in certain relevant activities etc. It is all to help us make sure you are going to have the best possible time with us.


Most people that come on the trips are travelling on their own, and are all excited for the adventure ahead. Maybe due to the nature of our ‘giving back and sustainability’ policy or because everyone is prepared to venture out of their comfort zone in some regard; IGO people are awesome, and lots of our adventurers go on to make friendships that last well beyond returning home.

Our trips available on the website are for solo travellers and groups of 2 or 3. If you are part of a larger group, prefer a private and exclusive trip and want your own date or even a different itinerary then please get in touch with the team, we work with many bespoke groups and love designing incredible itineraries all over the globe.


Here comes the fun part! Your bag is packed, your flight is booked, your camera is charged and you’re ready to go. 

Your once in a lifetime adventures awaits….